Nantong Renaissance Accessories Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of knitted beanies,scarves,snoods,headbands,infinity scarves,capes,ponchos,sweaters and different kinds of cut and sew caps since 1997. The former old factory was called Nantong Ruixing Garments Co.,Ltd ,so it is known as the NTRX.



For a very long time,I couldn't find a proper word to describe what beanie means to my life.

In the year 2018,after investigated over 20 factories in China,we have been choosen as the final beanie supplier by Carhartt Europe,I then came to realize and gradually comprehend what Chairman Mao has addressed in the past:"earnest is the word that everybody fears." To do a beanie well,it looks simple,but in fact,maybe not.

No matter what you believe or not,I wanna give you the finnest accessories through out my entire life.And through the product,I hope you can feel and touch my business philosophy :Durable&Prestige!


It Is Not Just A Beanie!





We love redefining the possibilities. If you can think of it, we can make it happen.

Providing creative and innovative ideas while bridging the gap between design and price. From our ready-to-wear catalogue to building out tailored, custom products and collections, we remain flexible and will align with your objective.



Our diverse assortment and capabilities allow us to develop cohesive and strategic programs that are captivating and exclusive. Just like our precisely aimed brands,you are always welcome to be our agent all over the world.


Founded in 1997, NTRX specializing in fashion, lifestyle, home, and sports. We tell visual stories and create brand experiences by bringing ideas to life and providing reimagined perspectives. Our commitment to design, quality and value leads to the development of thoughtful items and curated collections for retailers that are always innovative, creative, and impactful.


With the huge changes from the 1990s in China,everyone was looking for opportunities.

The founder Mr Wang ,has niether from a trading company with customer resources nor with the background of a state-owned enterprises ,was thinking about how to change his destiny . He definitely did not realize that the beanie would become a symbol of his life in the years to come.With merely 5000RMB,the courage and the dream,he started the business in his home with only 8 followers......



Product is our passion; trends are our obsession. Our design team draws inspiration from the world around us, setting the tone for what’s new, current and up-and-coming. Taking cues from the runway, streetwear and pop culture to travelling the globe and discovering unique products, innovative packaging and new merchandising opportunities.



The possibilities at NTRX are limitless. Whether you are looking for something niche and one-of-a-kind, or classic staples, we have the ability to deconstruct and rebuild merchandise to fit your needs and price point.