For a very long time,I couldn't find a proper word to describe what beanie means to my life.

In the year 2018,after investigated over 20 factories in China,we have been choosen as the final beanie supplier by Carhartt Europe,I then came to realize and gradually comprehend what Chairman Mao has addressed in the past:"earnest is the word that everybody fears."To do a beanie well,it looks simple,but in fact ,maybe not.

No matter what you believe or not,I wanna give you the finnest accessories through out my entire life. And through the product,I hope you can feel and touch my business  philosophy:Durable&Prestige!


It Is Not Just A Beanie!



NTRX for more experience.

A leader in custom knitswear for over 25 years.

NTRX for more capability.

From embroidery to emblems and everything in between,we have the capabilities to bring your design to life.

NTRX for more options.

Whether you are a major clothing label requiring delivery on a seasonal basis or this is  your first time producing custom headwear&accessories,NTRX has an option that’s right for you.

NTRX for better quality.

There's a reason top brands trust in NTRX.

NTRX for better capacity.

There is every justification to believe in NTRX based on our 10 million pcs annual  capacity.

NTRX for Something Greater.

Contact us today and get started.


Our Mission

Faster Stronger Better.


Our Vision

Creat a Customer-Renaissance Community with a shared and prosperous future!


Our Spirit

To do the simple things well is remarkable.


Our Target

To Be The Best Knits Accessories Supplier In the World!


Business Concept

Good Service&Quality are the Best Sales!


Brand Philosophy



Our Belief

Everyone's potentiality is infinite!