We love redefining the possibilities. If you can think of it, we can make it happen.

Providing creative and innovative ideas while bridging the gap between design and price. From our ready-to-wear catalogue to building out tailored, custom products and collections, we remain flexible and will align with your objective.

We continuously reinvent ourselves and push the boundaries by exploring and expanding our offerings and providing new trend-driven concepts each season.


Founded in 1997, NTRX specializing in fashion, lifestyle, home, and sports. We tell visual stories and create brand experiences by bringing ideas to life and providing reimagined perspectives. Our commitment to design, quality and value leads to the development of thoughtful items and curated collections for retailers that are always innovative, creative, and impactful.


Product is our passion; trends are our obsession.

Our design team draws inspiration from the world around us, setting the tone for what’s new, current and up-and-coming. Taking cues from the runway, streetwear and pop culture to travelling the globe and discovering unique products, innovative packaging and new merchandising opportunities. With a focus on current and future growth, we pool our many resources to develop a unified product direction each season. By utilizing the power of consumer insights, competitive shopping and reputable trend forecasting platforms, our in-depth market analysis helps to position ourselves as a leader in the industry.

There is always a style that can realize your dream in our 500suqare meters showroom and among our 2000 annual new developments.